When to type and when to talk

Dictation on computers gained momentum a few years back, and today you see people walking down the street taling into their phones to capture ideas. So as someone who writes as part of their job, where has it come to sit in my workflow?

Use a keyboard when you want to:

1) To keep other ideas in the back of your mind while you word things out.
2) To park other ideas and get everything down while you expand one idea.
It’s like multi-tasking and focusing at the same time.


1) When you just need to get one idea out and it’s already fairly well formed – that is you’re pretty confident you won’t need to go off on tangents.
2) When you have notes and you need to turn them into a cohesive paragraph – it’s easy to write and not make sense, it’s harder to speak and not turn your ideas into a cohesive story.
3) When you need to make new connections. If you have a few thoughts down on paper but you’re not quite sure what the punch line is or how they all tie together exactly, try explaining them to someone – you’ll soon pick up on what you think the key hooks should be.
4) When you’re literally just trying to get data into a computer I find it quicker to dictate it in.

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